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A One-Time Show Listing

A one-time show listing is an option available to the homeowner that allows the otherwise FSBO (For Sale By Owner) property to be shown by an agent. For this to happen, the seller/vendor must sign an agreement that names the prospective buyer and states the amount of commission to be payable to the named agent if the property is sold to said buyer. It effectively prevents the seller and buyer from reaching an agreement without the agent’s participation at a later stage and without paying the agent’s commission.

While this arrangement may mean that your property is shown to prospective buyers that it would otherwise not be exposed to, agents will tend not to invest their time and money into marketing your property or include it in an MLS (Multiple Listing System) that is commonly used by buyers as a database to search from.

Property owners looking to sell their homes in this way should be cautious when approached by agents who claim to have a buyer lined up who is looking for a property similar to theirs. In this case, no listing agreement should be signed as the listing is not necessary. Additionally, you should be able to negotiate a cut in the agent’s commission as a portion of that which is usually attributed to marketing the property. Thus, the seller should insist on signing only a one-time-showing commission agreement to avoid paying more than he or she needs to.

Exclusive Agency Listing

When you are selling your home you want to have the best company representing you and get results quickly. Listing with a real estate agency means they will work on your behalf to sell your home for the best possible price and will bring buyers and investors alike. This means you can be assured that your home will be sold at a price that is attractive to you and the prospective buyer.

Listing your home with a real estate agency also means they will market your home to areas outside the city and into other states for buyers looking to move to the area. This is an advantage for both buyers and sellers everywhere.

If you are in the market for a new home and are new to the area, consulting a real estate agency will be your best bet. They can show you properties that are in your price range as well as what the area offers for a family with children or for those who are retired. This means you are buying a home in an area that is accommodating to you and your family.

Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing

If you are looking to sell your home in a hurry, consider using an exclusive right-to-sell listing (this is the most popular listing used today). If you go with a exclusive right-to-sell listing, only the broker can sell your home. With this type of agreement, the broker will have an incentive to sell your home quickly–no matter who finds a buyer, the broker will still earn commission.

Today, many real estate brokers will only use an exclusive right-to-sell listing. The broker will have many responsibilities, including: a) he/she will need to market your home to other brokers (other brokers will be responsible for showing your home to potential buyers) b) your broker will need to hold open houses and advertise your home, which is done through several listing services.

The brokers’ commission is usually a percentage of the home’s selling price, and can be as high as five-percent–but often pays off. When considering the various ways to list your home, remember these benefits of a right-to-sell listing.

The “For Sale” Sign and Fliers

In today’s competitive sales market for real estate it’s important to make the best first impression. Signs and fliers carry your message and they should move the potential buyer to action. First, have the property looking at its best: clean and in good repair, a nice paint job, repair any noticeable problems such as missing fence pieces, dead plants or shrubs, browned grass spots etc. Wash windows, clean and polish metals, and replace burned-out lights too. Be sure to make the house look well-cared for by its owners. The interior should be clean and neat as well. Next take some pictures. Use a wide-angle lens to avoid any distorted angles; be very selective, these photos convey the message of your home. Use a font that reads easily, (arial and verdana are easiest for most viewers and reproduce well). Use complimentary, contrasting cheerful colors and keep it simple.

The job of the sign and fliers is to draw potential buyers to the home for sale. The flier has to get the message over to them in quick and clear terms and move them to see the place for themselves. When they get there, make sure the are not disappointed. Constantly checking for anything that could detract from the value of the property is a duty to be done daily. Protect your investment with the best for sale signs and fliers.

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